With very limited exceptions, all persons are to be afforded some ability to post bail if they have yet to be convicted for a criminal offense. There are many factors that are to be considered in setting the appropriate amount of ball. One important consideration is the minimum and maximum bail amount that has been set for the offense by the Administrative Office of the Courts. In addition, the court has discretion, in most cases, to utilize different types of bail including cash only, property, bond, ten (10) percent, or even releasing a defendant on his or her own recognizance (“ROR”). If your parent, child or another loved one is in custody at the Essex County Jail or another facility, do not hesitate to contact our firm, the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall. We are one of the largest criminal firms in the state and feature a team of former prosecutors and Essex County criminal lawyers who are highly experienced in securing favorable bail, including reduce and/or lifting restriction on bail.  Call us for assistance any time around the clock at 973-710-1520.

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In order to understand what you are up against, it is extremely helpful to understand what bail is intended to accomplish. Bail is intended to insure that an individual accused of a crime appears in response to the charge. By requiring a defendant to post cash, property or even secure a bond before they may be released from custody, the law is providing a monetary incentive for the defendant to appear on the charge rather than fleeing the jurisdiction if they are released. Another mechanism for deterring an individual from skipping on a charge is to expose them to a bail jumping charge if they become a fugitive after posting bail. What you need to keep in mind, nonetheless, is that all of this is intended to assure presence in court rather than punish an accused. So if your trying to arrange bail, the objective of the Court is ensure appearance at the criminal proceedings and not set an amount that is overly burdensome such that there is no real opportunity to secure release (i.e. an excessive bail).  The key for you is getting the bail set at the minimum necessary to satisfy the court and that is where our attorneys can prove to be invaluable. Whether its through sound argument at an initial bail hearing, an informal review, or through a motion to reduce bail, our Newark defense lawyers know what it takes to achieve results.

What You Need To Know About Bail

Before you spend money on bail, pledge your assets as security, and/or expose yourself to the risk of forfeiture in the event of default, you need to have a basic knowledge of bail. For example, you want to know that what you pay a bail bondsman is a non-refundable fee and, although a ten (10) percent option through the court is generally the equivalent in upfront cash outlay, you get all the money back if the defendant appears on his/her charges; you lose no money as compared to a total loss when you use a bond. And even if the initial bail does not provide for a ten (10) percent option, we can file a motion, which is included in our defense fee, to seek this type of bail. This is but one area of bail you want to be acquainted with prior to jumping into a situation where you may be needlessly exposing yourself to needless cost and risks. The following are some of the more important topics surrounding bail that you want to know.

Types of Bail

Process For Setting & Obtaining Bail

How Is Bail Amount Determined

Bail Restrictions & Conditions

Motions to Reduce or Change Bail

Bail Jumping

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Our firm has been defending criminal charges at the Superior Court in Newark and elsewhere in NJ for literally decades now. If you are trying to arrange bail for someone or are just looking for some advice concerning criminal charges, give us a call at 973-710-1520. We know what it takes to secure bail as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Don’t hesitate to call us as Initial consultations are free of charge and our Newark NJ Bail Lawyers are happy to assist you.