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Avoiding A Conviction For Public Lewdness At Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook NJ

Our attorneys routinely appear at the United States District Court in Newark NJ on behalf of individuals charged with public lewdness at Gunnison Beach. There is little doubt that we are primary player when it comes to the defense of these charges as, not only one of the largest criminal firms in the state with offices both in Monmouth County (i.e. county where the beach is located) and Essex County (i.e. county where the case [...]

What Is The Difference Between Car Theft & Joyriding?

A key element of any theft offense is an intention on the part of the accused to permanently deprive the owner of his/her property. The situation is no different when the item is a car, boat, or other form of motor vehicle. Nonetheless, an individual may be prosecuted for joyriding. The term "joyriding" is used to describe a situation where someone temporarily takes possession and/or uses the car, automobile or other motor vehicle of another. [...]

Prison & Jail Terms You Can Face

If someone is found guilty of an indictable crime or even a disorderly persons offense, the court almost always has the discretion to impose a term of incarceration in state prison or the county jail. The page goes over the basics when it comes to jail terms. The starting point in educating someone on imprisonment for a criminal offense is the law in New Jersey authorizing this punishment is N.J.S. 2C:43-6. The following discussion and links to subtopics [...]

What Is The Intensive Supervision Program (“ISP”)

The Intensive Supervision Program ("ISP") is a form of parole as opposed to probation, that allows an individual to be released prior to normal eligibility provided certain conditions are met. ISP involves much more intrusive supervision than parole so acceptance is limited to candidates who are likely to succeed. The following is a brief discussion of the ins and outs of New Jersey ISP. An attorney on our criminal team is available for free consultation [...]

Human Trafficking Charges

While human trafficking charges under N.J.S.A. 2C:13-8 tend to be rare, our Essex County criminal lawyers do handle a number of these cases each year. If you have been arrested or charged with human trafficking in Livingston, Roseland, Millburn or another municipal in the county, your case will be heard at the Superior Court in Newark. This court is the only one to hear and preside over felony charges like those involved in a human [...]

Plea Bargaining In Municipal Court

The practice known as "plea bargaining" is a common one through the courts in Essex County, including in municipal courts like those in Bloomfield and Newark. This method for resolving traffic and disorderly persons offenses in municipal court allows the prosecutor to decide, in his discretion, to downgrade an offense without any need to do so other than to resolve the case as expeditiously as possible. This process is not, however, available with certain categories [...]

Millburn NJ Shoplifting Lawyers

Some of the toughest municipal courts to face a shoplifting offense are in Essex County NJ. The busiest of these is the Millburn Municipal Court which handles all those arrested at the Short Hills Mall. The Livingston Municipal Court also hears an extremely high number of shoplifting charges since that is the location of the Livingston Mall. What you should know is that if you have been arrested in either of these towns, the municipal [...]

Interference With Custody Charges

Even with the best intentions, actions that interfere with the custody of a child can result in indictable charges. At times, strained relationships between parents carry over into the care for the child. When this occurs, the hazy line of what constitutes illegal conduct tends to be crossed, both intentionally or unintentionally. If an individual detains, conceals or in some way interferes with a parent’s custody of their child, then they may be arrested/charged with [...]

Understanding The Defense of Entrapment

Although Hollywood and screenwriters have led many individuals to believe that police officers engage in entrapment techniques on a regular basis, the defense of entrapment is actually a fairly difficult standard to fulfill. Entrapment is a legal defense that has been built into New Jersey’s criminal code under NJSA 2C:2-12. According to the statute, entrapment requires much more than gentle persuasions from law enforcement to commit a criminal offense. New Jersey’s standard for entrapment places [...]

Avoiding Jail & Other Penalties For a Third Offense DWI

Whether an arrest for a third or subsequent DWI offense arises in Bloomfield, Newark, or any other town in Essex County, the penalties that an individual faces if convicted are the same. There is a whopping ten (10) year license suspension and, worse yet, a mandatory jail term of 180 days. And none of this can be avoided through plea bargaining since this practice is absolutely banned in New Jersey DWI cases. This begs the [...]