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2 Teenagers Charged with Robbery in Essex County NJ

Robbery Charges for two Teenagers in Newark NJ According to the initial reports, the Newark Police Department has arrested and charged two fifteen (15) year old males from Newark with among other things robbery in the second degree. The victim, a seventeen (17) year old male from Newark, alleges that these two teenagers punched him in the face and then stole his cellphone before fleeing the scene. The alleged incident took place in the parking [...]

27 Year Old Bloomfield Male Charged with Burglary in Cedar Grove

Bloomfield NJ Resident Charged with Burglarizing Cedar Grove Home According to the reports released thus far, a family friend was caught red handed burglarizing their home thanks in large part to their home security system. It appears that the family was away on vacation when their motion-activated security camera sent them an alert that someone was in the home. The homeowner’s were actually able to observe the Defendant walking around the home and opening dresser draws [...]

Newark Police – Narcotics and Ammunitions in A String of Arrests

The last couple of years have seen a rise in drugs and weapons smuggling. Police and government authorities are taking it as a challenge to curb this mafia. Likewise, the police was able to make 3 weapon and narcotics related arrests on Tuesday. According to Sgt. Ron Glover, an informer called and told the police that a suspicious guy was seen at Avon Avenue and Irvine Turner Boulevard. Police later saw the same guy at [...]

Burglary suspect tracked down by Montclair Police

After a burglary report on Tuesday, which took place around 2:26 pm, the Montclair police department was told to dispatch their officers to the Inwood Avenue. The suspect was arrested by the officers on the same day and was charged with several criminal offences. After the Monclair Police department dispatched their officers at around 1:30 p.m., they started an investigation. Witnesses told the police officers that saw a man escaping with the possessions in a [...]

Newark Police Officers Accused Of Planting Evidence

A man in Newark was arrested for assaulting a police officer and possession of heroin. His attorney Brooke Barnett accused the officers of planting heroin on the man to justify assaulting him. The accused is named Darnell Reed, 30. The incident took place on April 1st, 2013. At the trial, disputing the police officer’s claims, Barnett said that their story made no sense and that they had abused their power. He further said that they [...]

Maplewood Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault

Nicole Dufault, 34, a language arts teacher was arrested for the possible sexual assault of multiple students. The following day, Dufault was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, and three counts of aggravated sexual assault. It has been reported that Dufault is accused of having oral sex and intercourse with the students both on, and off school property, sometimes in her car. According to the authorities, the victims were 15 year old male [...]