Jason FreemanAfter a burglary report on Tuesday, which took place around 2:26 pm, the Montclair police department was told to dispatch their officers to the Inwood Avenue. The suspect was arrested by the officers on the same day and was charged with several criminal offences.

After the Monclair Police department dispatched their officers at around 1:30 p.m., they started an investigation. Witnesses told the police officers that saw a man escaping with the possessions in a white Honda Accord. The police confirmed that it was the same vehicle that was reported stolen out of the Parsipanny area.

A few hours after the crime was reported, the detectives positively identified the suspect as 32-year-old Jason Freeman from Newark. The detectives of Montclair were able to track multiple locations of the suspect in Newark after strict investigation.

On Wednesday, Freeman was located by the Irvington Police driving the vehicle he had stolen at around 9:45 pm. The police arrested him on the basis of Montclair warrants. He was charged with Receiving Stolen Property in Irvington.

Due to the swift investigation and subsequent arrest, the suspect still had the jewelry that he had stolen at the Inwood Avenue incident, and was recovered by the police. He clearly was not expecting to get caught so soon which is why he did not sell the jewelry right away and kept on using the stolen vehicle as well. Montclair Police’s Lieutenant David O’Dowd was very pleased with the performance of the Montclair police department. He said, “An excellent job by Officers and Detectives on the swift identification and apprehension of this suspect.”

Freeman was charged by Montclair Detectives with Theft, Criminal Mischief and Burglary. Not only this, but he was also charged with Receiving Stolen Property. The authorities set the bail at $22,500. Freeman is an alleged suspect in numerous burglaries and automobile thefts in Morris, Passaic and Essex counties. The police are carrying on with the investigations on the incidents.