newark policeThe last couple of years have seen a rise in drugs and weapons smuggling. Police and government authorities are taking it as a challenge to curb this mafia. Likewise, the police was able to make 3 weapon and narcotics related arrests on Tuesday.

According to Sgt. Ron Glover, an informer called and told the police that a suspicious guy was seen at Avon Avenue and Irvine Turner Boulevard. Police later saw the same guy at a courtyard located on Irvine Turner upon receiving the description of the suspect. The suspect, named Keyon White, 31, was ignorant of the fact that the police was keeping a tail on him while he was hiding a gun in his pocket. Keyon was caught by the police after a short run. The charges imposed onto him included: denied arrest and weapon offence (40 caliber Smith and Wesson handgun was restored).

The second culprit, named Kasim Jesse Williams, 21, was found in a double parked Ford. At about 10.30 pm near block 40, Telford Street, Glover stated that police witnessed him throwing 5 packets of narcotics on the floor and a handgun on the car’s center console. Apart from the above mentioned charges, he was accused of selling drugs on school property.

Before midnight approached, the third suspect was seized by the police force named, Tyjuan Graham, 36. He was a resident of Pennsylvania. Graham was caught by police while he was aiming his shotgun at 2 people sitting on a porch at 800 Block S. 19 Street. When Graham was apprehended, he plunged down a 9mm handgun. Glover mentions that Graham was also indicted of carrying certain amount of cocaine and heroin. His charges include: illegal weapon possession, denied arrest, theft, and plenty of drug possessions.