If you have been cited for driving under a suspended license, speeding, careless/reckless driving, tailgating, or various other traffic violations, the qualified Belleville Traffic Tickets Lawyers of the Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall are your best bet for fighting your citations and downgrading the consequences of these violations. Fines, fees, surcharges, inflated insurance premiums, license suspension, even jail time, are all realistic outcomes when you don’t retain competent legal counsel and fight your traffic tickets.

Traffic Tickets in Belleville, NJ

Speeding violations range from a 2-point to a 5-point assessment against your license. Even if there is no limit posted, you are legally required to maintain certain speeds. Absent a speed limit posting, 50 mph on the highway, and 35 mph in a residential area, for example. Some traffic violations are dealt with more severely than a common citation, and require you to appear in court. Driving on a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident are two such serious examples.

About Belleville, New Jersey

The Belleville Police Department is largely responsible for traffic enforcement throughout the township, and the Belleville Municipal Court has jurisdiction over the town’s traffic violations. There are several well-traveled roadways that pass through the town, such as Route 7, which runs to Jersey City and is intersected by New Jersey Route 21. CR 506 runs through residential, parkland and commercial areas in town, and the Rutgers Street Bridge connects the township to North Arlington. Nearly 37,000 residents live in an area of less than three and a half square miles, and this dense population coupled with a high level of vehicle traffic ensures the Police Dept. stays busy issuing traffic tickets.

About The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall

The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall works diligently to protect your rights and your freedom, to save your driving privileges, and beat or downgrade the violations you are charged with. Our capable legal defense team includes former county and municipal prosecutors who use their knowledge, training and experience to effectively advocate for our clients in courts throughout New Jersey.

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