Township of Bloomfield, New Jersey
Address: Law Enforcement Building, 1 Municipal Plaza, Bloomfield NJ 07003
Telephone No. 973-680-4078
Fax No. 973-680-4082
Ct. Administrator Robin Grasso
Judges: Honorable John Paparazzo, C.J.M.C & Honorable Vincent Pirone, J.M.C.
Court Sessions: Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. & 5:30 p.m.; Thursday at 9:00 a.m.
Official Municipal Court Website at

Criminal Defense in Bloomfield, NJ

At The Law Offices of John F. Marshall, our highly experienced attorneys defend individuals in Bloomfield, NJ who have been charged with traffic violations, DWI, disorderly persons and indictable criminal offenses. We provide representation for issues at both the Municipal and the Essex County Superior Court (i.e. this is where your case will be heard if you have been charged with a first, second, third or fourth degree crime).  If you are dealing with any of these serious matters, we are prepared to work hard to eliminate or minimize your charges, as well as the penalties to which you are currently exposed. When that isn’t possible through a plea, our skilled criminal defense lawyers go to battle for you at trial, and fight to get you the best outcome. And when you obtain the services of our firm, you can have the security of knowing that you are being represented by one of the most experienced defense teams in the entire state. We are eight former prosecutors and highly experienced Bloomfield NJ Criminal Defense Attorneys that have over a century of combined experience to back you up with.

In Bloomfield, disorderly persons offenses, and traffic and municipal ordinance violations are heard in the Bloomfield Municipal Court. If a local police officer or a state trooper patrolling the Garden State Parkway in or near Bloomfield issues a criminal offense alleging a first, second, third or fourth degree crime, these are what are termed indictable charges and can only be decided at the Essex County Superior Court. In this regard, first degree crimes are the most serious, with penalties lessening for Second, Third and Fourth Degree charges, respectively, It should be noted that all, however, carry the possibility of a state prison sentence of at least 18 months and, for this reason, trigger a right to a trial by a jury of your peers. There is no right to a jury trial in the Bloomfield Municipal Court — your case is decided by Judge Paparazzo or another presiding over your charge.

About Bloomfield, New Jersey

The crime rate in Bloomfield, New Jersey is higher than the average crime rate in the state of New Jersey. The property crime rate was only slighter lower than the U.S. average in 2011. The hate crime index mirrored that of the nation. Robberies, assaults, burglaries and auto thefts were up in 2011, while rapes and thefts decreased slightly, and arson held steady. As a whole, violent crime in Bloomfield rose slightly in 2011.

About Our Team

Our firm provides focused, individualized legal counsel for your case. We evaluate the facts and circumstances of your situation and develop the most effective line of attack to deliver an advantageous outcome. Our eight-member criminal defense team consists of professionals with extensive criminal defense experience, both in and out of court. We have earned an excellent reputation in New Jersey for our commitment to quality representation in this field.

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