Few people realize just how busy Bloomfield Municipal Court is when it comes to handling DWI charges. If you have landed on this page, you are probably learning this fact the wrong way, namely because you are facing a charge for driving while intoxicated in Bloomfield NJ. And you certainly are not alone if you find yourself in this predicament as over 250 motorist are arrested each year on allegations that there were operating their motor vehicle with either a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit or, alternative, because they were under the influence of a drug like marijuana, heroin, or prescription pain medication. The question you probably have is what can be done to help yourself to avoid the license suspension and financial consequence that come with a conviction for DWI/DUI?

The first thing you need to know about your Bloomfield DWI is that there are no quick and easy solutions. The law in New Jersey does not permit plea bargaining of a driving while intoxication offense so that Judge John A. Paparazzo nor any other presiding in Bloomfield Municipal Court can permit a downgrade/dismissal without a legal basis to do so. This means that you need to identify and effectively present an argument that raises reasonable doubt concerning the prosecutor’s case. Perhaps there is an issue regarding the breathalyzer or blood test, for example, the arresting officer failed to adhere to some required protocol in taking the related sample. There are also those cases where the police fail to possess a proper basis for the initial stop (e.g. no probable cause for the stop) or the arrest (i.e. you did not fail the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests).

The biggest misnomer when it comes to DWI defense is that the best attorney to defend you is Johnny Goomba from across the street from the Bloomfield Police Department or Municipal Court. This clearly is not the criteria for success since, quick candidly, there isn’t a heavy weight driving while intoxicated defense firm anywhere in the area of Bloomfield and this is the pedigree of defense you will require, in our judgment, if you want the best chance to convince Judge Paparazzo that the Bloomfield DWI offense you are facing should be dismissed. Our Bloomfield NJ DWI Lawyers can offer you this level of expertise from our Newark Office. We are not only what is probably the largest team of DWI/DUI defense attorneys in the state but also the most highly credentialed. Our staff includes at least four (4) former driving while intoxicated prosecutors, three (3) who are certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (“SFST”), a former police academy DWI instructor, two (2) certified instructors in SFSTs, five (5) who are certified operators of the Alcotest Breath Test device, and we also happen to be one of two firms in the state with its own Alcotest machine. For more information regarding a Bloomfield DWI charge and your options in challenging the offense, call our office for a free consultation at 973-710-1520.