Bloomfield DWI ChargeWith the exception of DWI violations in Newark, Bloomfield is unquestionably the municipality with the most charges in Essex County every year. A significant number of these arrests come from Patrolman Luca Piscitelli, who ranks near or first in drunk driving arrests in the the county each year. Over the one year period ending June 2014, over 250 driving while intoxicated violations were issued by the Bloomfield Police Department or members of the Bloomfield barrack of the New Jersey State Police who patrol the Garden State Parkway from mile marker 149.2 to 152.45 (i.e. portion of the roadway within Bloomfield). This is a high number given that Bloomfield is only about 5.3 square miles. Since we are one of the largest defense firms in the entire state and certainly the biggest in Essex County, we represent a considerable number of individuals charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs like marijuana, heroin, Ambien, etc., in Bloomfield Municipal Court every year. Whether you are facing your first offense or are someone who is looking at a second offense, third offense or worse, our former drunk driving prosecutors know how to help you. Call our office 24/7 for an immediate free consultation at 973-710-1520.

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If you were arrested for driving while intoxicated in Bloomfield, the consequences of a conviction can dramatically effect your life. A first offense triggers significant penalties, including up to one (1) year loss of your license. The drivers license suspension, as well as other ramifications, only get worse for second or subsequent driving under the influence conviction. In fact, the court must impose a mandatory term of incarceration of 180 days in the county jail for a third offense. If you want to avoid penalties like these, the only way is for a genuine defense to be identified in your case as there is no plea bargaining allowed in your Bloomfield DWI case; NJ law makes it illegal for a prosecutor or judge to reduce a driving while intoxicated charge unless there is an issue that raises reasonable doubt concerning the state’s ability to prove you guilty. In order to accomplish this, you are going to have to hire an attorney who not only has the ability to come up with viable defenses but is also willing to invest the time and energy necessary to convince the prosecutor and judge that there is reasonable doubt concerning the charge. Our firm possesses this level of commitment and ability, something that is crucial in our estimation if you want the best opportunity for achieving a downgrade/dismissal.

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A large portion of the Bloomfield DWI charges are written by its police department, including an extreme number by Officer Piscitelli (i.e 57 offenses during 2013-14). The next largest block of violations are those issued by state troopers patrolling the Parkway within the boundaries of Bloomfield, namely, that portion of the highway between exit 149 and exit 151. Irrespective of who wrote your driving under the influence charge, the DWI/DUI attorneys at our Essex County law firm are skilled in identifying the holes in the state’s case. A lawyer is available now at 973-710-1520.