In accordance with the Rules Governing Courts in New Jersey, Essex County hasĀ  set up “Central Judicial Processing” for all first, second, third and fourth degree crimes. This court, rather than the municipal court of the town where the charge was issued, performs initial arraignments. The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office assigns Assistant Prosecutors to this court to screen cases, appear on behalf of the state at arraignments and to deal with bail issues.

Central Judicial Processing can be a very important stage of any criminal case as there is not only an opportunity to present arguments on bail but also to seek dismissal or downgrade of the charge(s). Our attorneys appear in this court all the time and are well versed in how to effectively represent those with charges pending in this court. Our Newark NJ Office is available 24/7 at 973-710-1520 for free initial consultations.

Essex County Central Judicial Processing
Veterans Courthouse
Room 502
50 West Market Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102
(973) 693-6544

As previously stated, individuals are arraigned at CJP. The first thing that happens at this proceeding is for the defendant/accused to be read the criminal charge(s) that have been filed against him. Second, the individual is advised of his rights and this typically includes his right to be represented by an attorney of his choosing or, if one cannot be afforded, by the public defender. Third, the defendant is given the opportunity to enter his/her plea of guilty or not guilty to the charge.

What Types Of Charges Are Heard At CJP in Newark?

All indictable criminal offenses issued in Millburn, West Orange, Bloomfield or any other municipality in Essex County, are referred to Central Judicial Processing. Charges falling within this category are all first degree, second degree, third degree or fourth degree crimes.

Can I Request A Bail Modification of Bail?

While this is not the time that a formal bail motion is typically heard, there is often an opportunity for your attorney to present arguments regarding bail. It may be that the bail is excessive, that a 10% cash bail is needed, or that some other modification is requested. Irrespective, CJP is an excellent opportunity