criminal mischeif lawyerViolations such as trespassing, graffiti, vandalism and other property damage probably don’t sound like a big deal, but a criminal mischief charge can be serious. Although the offense can be filed as a disorderly persons offense, there are certainly many more options to a prosecutor as this violation can also come in the form of a felony indictable crime. A fourth degree criminal mischief complaint can result in 18 months in state prison and the jail terms only get worse for third degree and second degree convictions. Don’t put your liberty and future at risk. Contact one of the criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver for a free consultation. We will review the facts and circumstances of your Essex County criminal mischief charge and formulate the best strategy for you to reach a favorable outcome in your case. Our office has extensive experience representing clients charged with criminal mischief in towns like Newark, Montclair, South Orange, West Orange, Belleville, Nutley, Caldwell, Glen Ridge and Cedar Grove

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In New Jersey, criminal mischief offenses fall under property crime. The type of property that’s been vandalized or damaged and its monetary value determines the degree of the offense. A third-degree criminal mischief conviction can result in a three to five year jail sentence. If this isn’t your first conviction, you face even harsher sentences and penalties, including a minimum of five years in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Newark is the largest city in Essex County, New Jersey with nearly 278,000 people. Recent crime rates statistics for Newark reflect 10,623 property crimes in a 12 month period. This means there is an average of 38.8 property crime incidents per 1,000 residents in the city compared to 21.5 in all of New Jersey, and 29.1 in the nation. Overall, crime in Newark places it in the 9th percentile among U.S. cities. Additionally, crimes rate statistics in other Essex County cities are above the state and national average making criminal mischief arrest a common occurrence. Our legal team knows how to handle these cases and build effective defenses for criminal mischief charges in Essex County and throughout New Jersey.

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At The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver our criminal defense team seeks to use our 100+ years of experience to assist you in overcoming your criminal mischief charges. We will go over your charges, answer any questions you have, and prepare you for what comes next. Our lawyers make it a point to explore all possible defenses for your situation and work aggressively to get your charges dismissed or to secure an acquittal. With several former municipal and county prosecutors on our team, we possess the knowledge and skills necessary to consistently achieve successful results for our clients.

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If you have been charged with criminal mischief, stalking, disorderly conduct, simple assault, marijuana possession, burglary, eluding, endangering the welfare of a child or heroin possession in Essex County, don’t delay in retaining counsel. Contact an Essex criminal attorney at The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver right away. Call 973-710-1520 to schedule a consultation for an honest assessment of your case.