Essex County Expungement Lawyer

Essex County Expungement LawyerIf you have a criminal record in Essex County, New Jersey, it may be possible to attain a “clean slate” through expungement. Certain parts of your criminal record are permanently sealed from anyone looking for criminal history information and cannot be released unless legally authorized. The process is complicated and the retention of a skilled expungement attorney can ensure that it’s completed successfully. The attorneys at The Law Offices of John F. Marshall are well-qualified to handle your expungement with exacting thoroughness.

Expungement in Essex, N.J.

In New Jersey, expungement is the process of removing records and documents that reference a charge, complaint, arrest, indictment, conviction, detention, trial, or disposition of a criminal violation. The various records to be expunged are generally maintained by courts, county and municipal prosecutors, police departments, correctional facilities and criminal justice agencies. Successful expungement results in the removal of these records to a separate file that is no longer available to other parties, like landlords, school admissions and employers. Not all criminal records are eligible for expungement; criminal homicide and some other violent criminal offenses, some drug crimes, sex offenses and others may not be expunged.

About Essex County, New Jersey

Third in population among New Jersey counties with almost 800,000 people, Essex County quite naturally has many, many residents with criminal records. Many of them are eligible for expungement. In Essex County, expungements are handled in the Criminal Division of the Essex County Superior Court in the New Courts Building. The forms may be obtained both here and online. Although not required, it is strongly advisable to retain the services of a lawyer to complete the process.

About The Law Offices of John F. Marshall

When you come to The Law Offices of John F. Marshall to obtain expungement of your criminal records, you can be sure that we handle your needs with complete attention to detail and accuracy. We explain what the process entails and the time limitations, determine your eligibility, collect all the necessary information, and ensure that your application is complete and free of error. Our extensive experience with criminal defense and criminal records allows us to offer you excellent legal counsel regarding your expungement and any other options available to you in this area.

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