Juvenile Charged With Manufacturing, Selling or Distribution CDS

Drugs are unfortunately very accessible these days and we aren’t just talking about marijuana. This fact is evident almost every week in our law practice as we are consulted by more and more parents confronted with criminal charges involving heroin, prescription opiate medication, MDMA (a.k.a. molly, ecstasy, etc.), amphetamines, and anabolic steroids, and other serious drug with their children. In many cases, the offense involves allegations of selling drugs at school or elsewhere, as opposed to straight possession. And if you are of the belief that allegations of drug distribution are confined to cities like Newark, you are sadly mistaken. Children in more affluent municipalities in Essex County are getting themselves involved in situations of possession with intent to distribute controlled dangerous substance (“CDS”) too much. And, unfortunately, a large percentage of these cases often involve selling drugs in a school zone. Irrespective of where you come from, the drug is involved, or where the activities allegedly took place, our firm possesses one of the largest criminal defense teams in the state, including several former prosecutors, even from Essex County, to assist you. Our Essex County Criminal Lawyers know how to effectively avoid life changing legal consequences for our clients and how to help children escape the cycle of drugs. Call us for a free initial consultation and one of our lawyers will be more than happy to do their best to assist you.

NJ Drug Distribution Laws: What Is My Child Exposed To If He Is Found Guilty?

When a child is caught distributing almost any CDS, the truth is that they are exposed to the possibility of being placed in Juvenile Detention. Even a third degree distribution, which basically means selling anything beyond a small amount of marijuana, carries the possibility of being sentenced to two (2) years. And even marijuana charges delve into this realm when the distribution involves 50 grams or more, or sales in a school zone or public park zone. At the same time, it is always the goal of the juvenile court to rehabilitate rather than to punish, something that our lawyers are skilled in arguing so that our clients can get help rather than be forced to deal with issues like confinement at Jamesburg or Johnstone State Juvenile Detention Center. This is very important when you are talking about a child and their future, and what the law says a juvenile judge can do in terms of incarceration for fourth degree crime (1 year), third degree crime (2 years), second degree crime (3 years) or first degree crime (4 years). The law affords you and your child many rights, and we are here to make sure all of the protections you are supposed to enjoy are observed. This means insuring that your child was not subjected to an unconstitutional search, invalid/improper stop, or that their rights to counsel were not violated.

Newark NJ Juvenile Drug Distribution Defense Lawyers

The accused in your case is a child so he/she should be afforded heightened protection as opposed to having their rights skirted, as is often the case. An attorney is available now to review the facts of your case and to guide you through this chaotic time. Our Essex County Criminal Lawyers are ready to help you at 973-710-1520.