If you have been accused of being a leader of a narcotics trafficking network, you need to take these allegations extremely serious. There reason is because this offense involves the highest grade of crime and extreme penalties that rarely apply under NJ Law, including the possibility of a life sentence. If you have been charged with being a leader of a narcotics network, distributing heroin, possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute or distributing marijuana in Essex County, we can help. Call our highly skilled and experienced former prosecutors, including Essex County, at 973-710-1520 for an immediate consultation regarding your case or even arranging bail. We are available to assist you any time of day and initial consultations are without charge. Our office has extensive experience representing clients charged with being drug kingpins in Newark, Irvington, Maplewood, South Orange, East Orange and Orange.

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This offense, which is also referred to as the Drug Kingpin Law, is contained at N.J.S. 2C:35-4 of the New Jersey Criminal Code. It is directed at not only the figure head of a distribution ring but also all organizers, supervisor, financiers, and managers of the organization. Accordingly, while the statute seems to be directed solely at the leader of an organization, the law actually creates a violation for those who act in middle management too. If the accused has authority to supervise or manage the daily drug trafficking operations, then they may be convicted of being a kingpin even though they are not the top member of the enterprise.

There are six (6) requirements to convict someone of being a leader of a CDS trafficking network. In this regard, the prosecution must prove that:

• The substance involved was methamphetamine, lysergic acid diethylamide, phencyclidine gamma hydroxybutyrate, flunitrazepam, or another form of CDS contained on Schedule I or II;

• There existed a scheme or course of conduct to manufacture, distribute, dispense, bring into, or transport one of the aforesaid substances into New Jersey;

• The scheme or course conduct was done for profit;

• The defendant acted purposely to promote or facilitate the scheme or course of conduct;

• There was an agreement between the defendant and at least one other person that they or one of them would commit, attempt, or solicit the commission of, that crime, or it must be proved that the agreement was to aid another person or persons in planning, committing, attempting, or soliciting the crime; and

• The defendant was either an organizer, supervisor, financier, or manager of the conspiracy.

Where each and every one of these elements has been established beyond reasonable doubt, an individual may be found guilty under N.J.S. 2C:35-4.

Sentencing That Applies To Drug Kingpin Charges

A conviction for leader of a narcotics trafficking network has extreme ramifications beyond those that normally apply to a first degree crime. As opposed to the standard 10-20 year prison term that applies to a first degree crime, a defendant convicted as a drug kingpin faces life of imprisonment. There is also a period of parole ineligibility of twenty five (25) years that applies. The fine is also enhanced and can be as much as the greater of $750,000 or five (5) times the street value of the drugs involved.

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