One of the busiest courts in Essex County for shoplifting charges is Livingston. A primary reason for the high number of these offenses is the Livingston Mall, a large retail venue. To combat this issue, the prosecutor treats shoplifting cases in Livingston Municipal Court very seriously, even those involving a petty disorderly persons offense. Our team of defense lawyers is, however, extremely well equipped to identify the best approach so that you can avoid a conviction, a criminal record, and other penalties. One of our former prosecutors is prepared to put their experience to work for you so that a favorable outcome is achieved in to your Livingston Shoplifting offense. Call us now at 973-710-1520 for a free consultation.

Disorderly Persons Offense for Shoplifting in Livingston NJ

Shoplifting is an offense that occupies different grades of severity depending on the amount of merchandise involved. And while different grades of shoplifting charges arise in Livingston all the time, the only types that can be heard in Livingston Municipal Court are those involving a disorderly persons offense. A charge falls within this grade when the amount of merchandise stolen is less than $200. When the amount is $200 or more, shoplifting is a felony offense that must be handled by the Essex County Superior Court.  Our attorneys frequently obtain, however, a remand of a fourth degree or third degree shoplifting charges. This can happen at Central Judicial Processing, as the result of regular administrative review or at Remand Court. What this means is that what was initially filed as a felony is downgraded and sent back to Livingston Municipal Court as a disorderly persons misdemeanor.  It is important to consult our firm as soon as possible so that efforts to remand the charge can be undertaken before the Prosecutors Office decides to keep the case at the Superior Court level.

Arrested At Livingston Mall for Shoplifting?

Livingston Mall is a two-story indoor shopping center that is the largest shopping venue in the municipality. The anchor stores, which are involved in the majority of the shoplifting arrests, include Lord & Taylor and Macy’s. The mall located on Eisenhower Parkway and is within a short distance of the City of Newark. If you were arrested by mall security or loss prevention of an individual retail store like Lord & Taylor or Macy’s, you may have also been processed by the Livingston Police although this certainly is not a requirement in order for you to be prosecuted. A criminal complaint for shoplifting may also be received via mail. For more information regarding Livingston Mall, click here.

Livingston NJ Shoplifting Defense Lawyers

The consequences of a conviction in Livingston Municipal Court for shoplifting are serious. In addition to resulting in a criminal record for stealing, there is the possibility of up to six (6) months in jail, a significant fine, and days of community service. Your best strategy for avoiding these ramifications are, in our view, to retain an attorney that is highly experienced in defending shoplifting charges. That is precisely what our defense team can offer you, including at least four (4) former prosecutors who know how to effectively fight shoplifting offenses. Call us today at 973-710-1520 for the representation you need.