Newark New JerseyThe legal team at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall offers vigorous representation to those who are under investigation or have already been charged with a criminal offenses in Newark NJ. We can offer you exceptional defense experience in both the Newark Municipal Court, as well as at the Superior Court in Newark. We are former prosecutors and knowledgeable attorneys that can offer over a century of experience on your behalf.  Every lawyer at the firm strives to provide the best possible defense utilizing proven strategies and a strong passion for justice. Call us at 973-710-1520 for the aggressive and thorough representation you need.

Skilled Legal Counsel That Can Make All The Difference In The Outcome Of Your Charges

The knowledgeable defense lawyers at our firm can offer many strategies in hopes of achieving the very best outcome in your case. It may be that the complaint/indictment is invalid because police incurably violated the law. Perhaps it was a coerced confession, improper motor vehicle stop, an interrogation or arrest without proper suspicion, or some other attempt to sidestep your rights. And even when there isn’t a defense to the charge in chief, there is always a significant chance that we can negotiate a favorable plea that includes a reduction/downgrade of the charges and avoidance of penalties. If you are a first-time offender, we can apply for Pretrial Intervention which will may allow you to avoid a criminal conviction. For those looking at significant state prison time because of a drug offense in Newark, drug court is another diversion program our attorneys will explore.  This option will allow you to avoid a state prison term.

Crime In Newark NJ

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 6.08.52 PMCNN recently published a report indicating that Newark was the sixth most dangerous city in the nation (i.e murder rate of 33.8 and overall crime index of 2.82). Only Detroit, St. Louis, Oakland, Cleveland, and New Orleans, ranked higher in terms of violent crime. The rate has consistently been higher than the national average and usually more than double. In 2011, murders, burglaries, robberies and several other crimes were up, translating into an 11 percent increase in Newark criminal offenses. The data in 2013 is even worse, with Newark reporting the highest number of homicides in nearly a quarter-century. These are somewhat alarming statistics when you consider that there is actually five (5) different law enforcement agencies that operate in city, namely, the Newark Police Department, the New Jersey Transit Police Department, the Port Authority of NY/NJ Police Department, the New Jersey State Police, and the Rutgers University Police Department.

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At The Law Offices of John F. Marshall, our premier legal defense team possesses over a century of combined experience in criminal defense matters, DWI charges, and various other lesser offenses. Our extensive legal skills are exactly what you require to seek bail, fight your charges, work to get them reduced or dismissed, negotiate a plea bargain, or obtain an acquittal. We are committed to an aggressive defense tailored to your specific circumstances. We utilize our experience as former municipal and county prosecutors to elicit the best possible result for you. Don’t risk your freedom and your future. If you are facing criminal charges or a serious Traffic Violation, call The Law Offices of John F. Marshall at 973-733-220 right away. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your Newark, NJ charges with one our knowledgeable Essex criminal defense attorney.