Newark has the distinction of being the largest City in NJ, the county seat of Essex County, and the highest by far in towns in the county for driving while intoxicated (“DWI”) arrests. As the home for a population of over 250,000, the Prudential Center, and five (5) different law enforcement agencies (i.e. Newark Police Department, New Jersey Transit Police Department, the Port Authority of NJ/NY Police Department, the NJ State Police, and Rutgers University Police Department), there is plenty of opportunity for DWI/DUI charges in the city. Although most of related drunk driving stops occur on major roadways like the NJ Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Interstate 78, and US Route 1 or 9, local roadways like Broad Street, Raymond Boulevard, and McCarter Highway are also significant sources of the 300 plus DUI offenses written annually. If you have been charged with DWI, driving under the influence of drugs, including marijuana and heroin, or refusal to take a breath test, call our Newark Office today for a free consultation. An attorney on our team, which may be the most highly credentialed in DWI defense statewide, will be happy to assist you. We can be reached 24/7 at 973-710-1520.

DUI Lawyer in Newark NJ

What people often fail to realize when researching for an attorney is that there is no plea bargaining of DWI/DUI cases anywhere in NJ, let alone the Newark Municipal Court. So being the best friend of the prosecutor or the guy with the office next door to the court, are non-factors to the successful defense of your driving while intoxicated offense. What is essential, however, is a thorough knowledge of New Jersey DWI Laws and the defense of theses charges. Indeed, there is nothing that the prosecutor or judge can do to reduce a DWI unless your lawyer can identify an issue that effectively establishes reasonable doubt concerning the legality of the stop, arrest or evidence of intoxication (i.e. breath test, blood test or field sobriety tests). And this is why you definitely want to speak our firm regarding your case whether this is your first offense, second offense or third offense. Our firm, the Law Offices Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver has unparalleled qualifications in terms of a DWI defense firm. We have five former DWI/DUI prosecutors on staff, are one of 2 or 3 firms in the state with its own breathalyzer, have a police academy driving while intoxicated instructor on staff, at least four (4) that are among the approximately fifty (50) statewide who are certified on the Alcotest breath test machine, and many other notable DUI accomplishments. This experience and skill allows us to identify and successfully argue meritorious issues to allow for dismissal or downgrade where many others may have simply entered a guilty plea.

DWI Attorneys in Newark NJ

If you are interested in learning your best option(s) to win your DWI in Newark, you have the opportunity to speak to one of our lawyers now. If you decide to take us up on this offer, you should know that there is no doubt that you are contacting a law firm that handles an extraordinary amount of driving under the influence cases each and every year and which has the qualifications and muscle to produce the results you are looking for. Your time to act is now and your selection of the right attorney to defending Newark DWI charge could be the most important decision you make in terms of whether you succeed in defending your case. Call us to learn how we can achieve what you need. The consultation is free and a DWI defense attorney is available immediately at 973-710-1520.