N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10 makes it a third degree crime to possess cocaine anywhere in Essex County. All cocaine possession charges are therefore heard at the Essex County Superior Court since this is the only venue in the county with authority to hear and decide indictable criminal cases of any degree. If you are seeking legal counsel possessing cocaine, distributing marijuana or possessing cocaine with the intent to distribute, call our Newark NJ Defense Firm at 973-710-1520 to speak to an experienced drug possession defense attorney at our firm. Our office has been representing clients charged with possessing cocaine in Essex County for over a decade. We have extensive experience in courts like Bloomfield, West Orange, Cedar Grove, Fairfield, Livingston, Nutley, Newark, Irvington and South Orange. The following is some important information that you probably want to know if you have been charged with cocaine possession under N.J.S.A. 2C:35-10.

Cocaine Possession Lawyers in Bloomfield NJ

It is a crime in the third degree to purposely or knowingly obtain or possess cocaine in Union County. An individual can actually or constructively possess cocaine. Constructive possession occurs when an individual is in a location where they have the capacity to control the cocaine. Prosecutors attempting to convict a person of constructive possession must have some substantial evidence typing the defendant to the drugs. Courts allow for the inference of possession when the circumstances allow such an inference. Courts considering whether constructive possession exists will analyze factors such as: quantity, value, location, ability to control, and past history of possession. Furthermore, an individual charged with possession must be shown to have known the nature and character of the substance that he possessed. The potential penalties if you are found guilty of possessing cocaine are significant. Possession of any amount of cocaine is a crime in the third degree, carrying a possible prison sentence of up to five years and fine that can reach  $35,000.00.

Being Under The Influence of Cocaine

Any person that is under the influence of cocaine, or any CDS for that matter, is exposed to a disorderly persons offense. This is akin to a misdemeanor but carries a sentence of up to six months in the county jail. In addition to possible jail time, a conviction can result in heavy fines, as well as trigger a mandatory driver’s license suspension of six months to two years.

Belleville NJ Cocaine Possession Attorneys

While cocaine does not have the popularity that marijuana, heroin or other drugs have these days, a significant number of cases are heard each year in Newark and sometimes even as a downgrade in municipal courts. You should not underestimate the potential for a negative outcome just because cocaine possession is more limited than these other drugs. In this regard, there is a possibility of imprisonment for as much as five years in all third degree possession cases including those involving cocaine. With potential consequences like these, it certainly in the best of anyone charged to seek the advice of an experienced criminal attorney. This is what we, the Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver can offer you. We have one of the largest defense teams in the state and a lawyer on our staff is ready at 973-710-1520 to assist you.