shoplifting lawyer essexThough shoplifting may appear to be a trivial matter, this is far from the truth. If you are convicted of shoplifting in Essex County, NJ, you face serious consequences that may include jail time. A proper defense from an accomplished shoplifting defense lawyer is crucial to avoid this and other punishment. The seasoned attorneys at The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver are experienced in representing clients charged with shoplifting in Essex County. We work to build a strong case, and negotiate with prosecutors to diminish or eliminate the charges you face. We represent clients charged with shoplifting, burglary, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and robbery in Essex County in towns like Millburn, Newark, Irvington, South Orange, Fairfield, Bloomfield and Belleville. If you would like to speak to one of our attorneys about your options, please contact our Newark office at 973.733.2204.

Millburn NJ Shoplifting Attorneys

Shoplifting charges range from misdemeanors, or disorderly persons offenses, to felonies. If the merchandise you are alleged to have stolen is worth more than $200, this is a felony offense. Second, Third and Fourth degree felony shoplifting convictions carry penalties that include fines, possible jail time, community service, and drivers license suspension. The resulting criminal record has the potential of negatively impacting your life in other ways, as well. Possession or use of an anti-shoplifting device or tool designed to defeat any inventory control instrument within a store is a disorderly persons offense.

About Essex County, New Jersey

Essex County contains numerous retail stores and shopping centers, and shoplifting charges are quite common, even more so in towns where major shopping malls are located like Millburn/Short Hills with the Short Hills Mall, Livingston and the Livingston Mall, and West Orange with Essex Green Shopping Center. Disorderly persons shoplifting offenses are handled on the municipal level in the Municipal Court of the city/township where you are alleged to have committed the violation. A felony charge is handled at the Essex County Superior Court in Newark. The range of penalties is wide depending on whether your shoplifting charge is, at the extreme, a second degree crime or at the other end of the spectrum — a disorderly persons offense. Nonetheless, you will have a criminal record for stealing, something that can cause serious problems in the future, if you are convicted of any variety of shoplifting.

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With a team of seven lawyers possessing over a century of experience in criminal defense, The Law Offices of John F. Marshall is the right choice for the firm to defeat your shoplifting charge. Our attorneys have previously worked as municipal and county prosecutors throughout New Jersey, which gives us and you an advantage in fighting your charges, and extensive knowledge of the Essex county legal and court procedures. Our great success rate and excellent reputation speaks volumes about our dedication to defending our clients with tireless enthusiasm.

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Don’t allow shoplifting charges to damage your future. If you or someone you love is dealing with a shoplifting charge in Essex County, contact a skilled defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Olive right away. Schedule a free initial consultation by calling 973-710-1520.