Driving Without a LicenseDriving without a license in New Jersey can include fines up to $500 and imprisonment for up to sixty days.  Juveniles or other people who have never been licensed to drive can expect a minimum fine of $200 and a six month hold on receiving a New Jersey driver’s license once they are eligible.  With penalties like that, why chance a conviction?

Beating Your Charges

If you think your chances of getting pulled over are slim – think again.  New Jersey, along with many other states, has the ability to scan your plates going down the highway, meaning they’ll know in three seconds whether or not you have insurance for your vehicle, whether your inspection is outdated, and whether your tag is valid.  Throw in a mere visible inspection of your car for broken tail lights, bald tires, etc. and then reevaluate your odds.  Still think your chances of getting pulled over are slim now?

If you’ve missed the opportunity to completely ‘avoid’ an unlicensed driver charge by simply not driving, then your next step is to discuss your defense strategy with a qualified New Jersey traffic law attorney.  Is there a legitimate reason to you driving without a New Jersey driver’s license?  Was it your child driving the car?  Did you know your license was suspended?  Did you have a valid license from another state?  Was there an emergency which required you to drive without a license?

Experienced Defense

An experienced New Jersey traffic law attorney can build a defense based on the circumstances of your situation and in many cases, can reduce the charges or have the unlicensed driver case dismissed completely.  While the probability of dropping the charge completely is undeterminable without knowing the ins and outs of your case, a seasoned attorney will certainly be able to evaluate the validity of your reasoning and form a legal defense strategy that is in your best interest.

Contact Our Team

If you or your child has been charged with driving without a license in New Jersey, call The Law Offices of John F. Marshall today.  Having an experienced Essex County traffic lawyer on your side can mean the difference in a conviction and your charges being dismissed.