NJ Speeding LawsSpeeding is speeding, right?  For the most part, that’s true, but I bet there’s a few things about New Jersey speeding laws that you didn’t know. For instance, did you know that in light of New Jersey’s basic speeding law, you can still be issued a speeding ticket even when you are driving the speed limit if this speed is deemed unsafe for certain weather conditions, traffic conditions, or other miscellaneous factors or hazards?  Did you also know that New Jersey is well known for its speeding laws being ‘absolute’, meaning if the signs say 55 mph and you’re going 56 mph, then you have violated New Jersey traffic law?  If you speed excessively, then you can expect your speeding ticket to morph into a reckless driving ticket, which carries even stiffer penalties and consequences.With speeding tickets and reckless driving tickets considered significant offenses in New Jersey, it is imperative that you win your case or at least reduce the number of points that will count against your driving record. In New Jersey, once you reach 6 points, you will face probation – and with a reckless driving charge, go ahead and count on probation (because reckless driving charges very often accompany other charges). That is, of course, unless you hire an experienced traffic law attorney who can work to reduce the traffic violation charges or dismiss them altogether. Oftentimes, a skilled traffic law attorney can have your charges reduced and will even investigate your case to determine if there is cause to have the charges dismissed altogether.

To build a great defense against your speeding violation, your attorney will probably focus on the following:

  • Reviewing the officer’s method of speed discovery and then attacking any flaws with that particular method;
  • Investigating claims of emergency which forced you to speed excessively;
  • Questioning the circumstances of the case, such as the officer erroneously picking your car as the speeding car in a case where there were other cars or the officer lost sight of the original car, etc.

Should you fight your speeding ticket or reckless driving ticket?  Absolutely. The cost of a speeding ticket and reckless driving ticket far exceeds the cost of not fighting it. Just take a look at projected insurance premiums following a speeding ticket (especially reckless driving) and you’ll have an answer to your question real quick – without even throwing in the cost of fines and potential license suspension. Contact an accomplished Essex County traffic attorney and your chances of coming out ahead will just get better.