Should I fight my traffic ticketTo a certain extent, the traffic court system across America remains intact because people are hesitant to challenge its authority; yet, the truth of the matter remains that courts really only have a capacity to hear approximately one-tenth of all traffic tickets that are issued. They rely heavily on the fact that most people will simply pay the fine and move on. This unbalanced scenario obviously begs the question, “Should I contest my New Jersey traffic ticket?”

Challenging The System

The apparent conflict of interest which exists between issuing a citation and ruling on a citation is baffling – as traffic fines are a significant source of income for the New Jersey court system. The thought of challenging the New Jersey traffic court system can be intimidating and confusing to most. In fact, the average person usually experiences a degree of arrogance or condescension as they try to maneuver the legal routes to justice. However, should you still challenge your ticket? Absolutely.

Do I Need A Lawyer?

Despite the lack of a ‘warm welcome’ when challenging the court system, many drivers find they can navigate the legal system alone well enough to at least challenge their charges, while others prefer to hire a traffic ticket attorney, whose expertise in navigating New Jersey traffic law usually leads to more favorable outcomes. When considering the thought of challenging your New Jersey traffic ticket, keep in mind that traffic violations are generally treated as ‘guilty until proven innocent’ (despite the obvious faults of this sentiment) and that great weight is given to the officer’s testimony of events. ‘Stating the obvious’ is oftentimes more difficult than you think, especially in a system that is stacked against you. Notwithstanding, disputing a public safety threat, the accuracy of the radar or other faulty equipment or unwarranted action can lead to dismissal or reduction of the traffic citations altogether.

Getting Help

If you are serious about contesting your New Jersey traffic ticket, your best bet is to bring in the big guns – hire a traffic ticket attorney who can maneuver through legal jargon and red tape to deliver the results you are looking for. Much of the time, the benefit of hiring an Essex County traffic ticket attorney will outweigh the compounded costs associated with a guilty plea.