A drug crime conviction realistically has the potential of altering your life and your future in a devastating manner. If you are charged with a drug offense in Essex County, New Jersey, in towns like Newark, Montclair, South Orange, West Orange, Cedar Grove, Nutley, Belleville or Bloomfield it’s essential that you consult with an experienced attorney right away to preserve your rights. The drug crime defense lawyers at The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver are well-equipped to mount a capable and effective defense strategy to help you defeat your drug charges.

Newark NJ Heroin Possession Lawyers

A very common drug violation in New Jersey is prescription drug fraud, which carries penalties of up to a $50,000 fine and a five year jail sentence. Other common charges involve marijuana, cocaine, and heroine. Possession charges are dealt with less harshly than drug distribution, and the weight of the drug you possess plays a large role in this determination. Typically, the amount of drugs in your possession determines whether you are charged with merely possession, or with distribution as well. In New Jersey, the law identifies Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) based on medical use and potential for abuse.

Marijuana Possession Attorneys in Montclair NJ

drug possession lawyerDrug charges in Essex County are handled in either a municipal court or Superior Court, dependent upon the severity of the violation. Simple drug charges are referred to as disorderly persons offenses, and include the possession of up to 50 grams of marijuana and of drug paraphernalia. These violations are heard in the county’s municipal courts. The Essex County Superior Court in Newark NJ hears more serious charges, such as felony drug possession. In addition to the possession of marijuana in excess of 50 grams, this includes possession of almost any other form of CDS, including cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and meth. Drug trafficking and distribution, possession with intent, prescription drug fraud, and other severe drug violations are also prosecuted at the county level as they are indictable crimes of the first degree, second degree, third degree or fourth degree. Our firm handles all drug offenses in Essex County, including those involving the following:

Heroin Distribution Defense Lawyers in Essex County NJ

The defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver are dedicated to providing you with an individualized defense strategy for your specific situation. We seek to serve your best interests in each case, and our extensive experience litigating from both sides of the fence allows us to accomplish this goal most effectively. Members of our team have worked as county and municipal prosecutors in the past and possess over a century of combined legal experience. We have the skills, knowledge and acumen to mount an aggressive, successful defense against your drug charges. If you or a family member has been charged or arrested for a drug violation, contact our Essex County criminal lawyers right away. We will fight to preserve your rights.