With the specific and hard to find skills required to successfully fight DUI charges, the defense team at The Law Offices of Jonathan F. Marshall gives you the opportunity you need when you are facing a drunk driving charge in towns like Bloomfield, Newark, Montclair, South Orange, East Orange, Belleville, Fairfield and West Orange.

A DWI conviction carries harsh penalties that affect all aspects of your life. From an exorbitant financial outlay to loss of your freedom, the consequences are far-reaching and overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight your DUI  alone. We are ready and able to assist you with one of the top DUI legal teams in not only Essex County but the entire state.

DUI Lawyers in Newark NJ

DUIs are no small matter. Whether your blood alcohol content was over 0.08% or over 0.10%, New Jersey does not differentiate between driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while intoxicated (DWI). However, your blood alcohol content measurement and past history will be used to determine the severity of your punishment. The consequences for DUI can include thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges, community service time, loss of license, and possible jail time. In addition, New Jersey prosecutors aggressively pursue DUI charges.

If you have been charged with a DUI in Essex County, New Jersey, the law provides you with certain protections. For instance, was the traffic stop legal? If so, were the field sobriety tests administered properly? Before the request for the breathalyzer test, were you given the proper advice? If you were given a breathalyzer, was the machine calibrated properly and tested for accuracy within the legally required time? Do you have a medical condition or medication which may have contributed to a misinterpretation of the facts which led to the arrest? These are just a few of the factors that should be considered when facing a DUI charge.

DUI Attorneys in Essex County NJ

If you have been charged with drunk driving in Essex County, NJ, your case will be heard in the municipal court of the location of your arrest. During your first appearance, the court reads your charges. Your case then proceeds to a pre-trial or status conference, where your attorney works on resolving your case. However, if he/she doesn’t have all the necessary information, your lawyer may request additional time to gather it. You must be present for these court conferences. If the previous hearings haven’t resolved your case, your case will proceed to trial. There, a judge will make the determination of your guilt. If you are found guilty – or have pled guilty – you will attend a sentencing hearing to hear your punishment.

About The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta

When researching and selecting your DWI law firm, ensure the lawyers have familiarity and experience with the municipal court in Essex County that hears your DUI case, as well as the skills and knowledge to assess the conduct of the officer who stopped you. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver possess all of these qualities and more. Our team includes attorneys with certifications in operation of the Draeger Alcotest, in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST), and in the instruction of SFST. Our firm also owns an official Alcotest device, invaluable in case preparation. All of this gives us the exclusive edge we need for a successful DUI defense.

DWI Attorneys in Newark NJ

The Law Offices of Marshall, Bonus, Proetta & Oliver offers you accomplished legal advocacy for your drunk driving charges. If you are in the unfortunate position of facing DUI charges, contact our office right away. Call 973.733.2204 for a free consultation with an Essex County defense lawyer. Our office regular appears in local municipal courts throughout Essex County, including, Belleville, Bloomfield, East Orange, Livingston, Maplewood, Montclair, Newark and West Orange.

DWI Defense Lawyers in Fairfield NJ

If you have been charged with DWI/DUI in Essex County, our attorneys have the skill to get results, something that is an absolute must if you want to succeed in your case. Indeed, there is no plea bargaining in a drunk driving case like yours so you need the lawyer at your side that possesses the knowledge and ability to get both the prosecutor and judge to agree that there exists a bona fide issue issue to prevent the state from proving you guilty. This is where our exceptional experience and training in DUI defense often proves invaluable. Give us a call.

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